New Pre-Physical Therapy and Pre-Med Tracks Offered

Chris Carbone Holy Family University, an institution that boasts an already robust science curriculum for its undergraduate and graduate students, continues to grow its program with two new healthcare track offerings—Pre-Med and Pre-Physical Therapy.

Pre-Physical Therapy, which will be offered beginning Fall 2016, will provide students an opportunity to learn the basic principles associated with the physical therapy profession.

“The curriculum entailed in this proposal is designed to provide the necessary prerequisite courses required to gain admission into a variety of graduate Doctoral of physical therapy programs,” said Chris Carbone, Assistant Professor of Biology.

“It’s a basic biology curriculum that has influences with physics, mathematics, and physical therapy related classes that students will be exposed to at the graduate level. By exposing students at the undergraduate level to the material covered by these topics will not only increase their probability to successfully master the material at the graduate level, but will also reinsure the admission committees that our students can intellectually handle the rigors they will experience after being admitted into their programs.”

Students hoping to pursue the Pre-Physical Therapy track will have free electives that, according to Carbone, allow the student to customize their experience.

“That allows you to apply to whatever institution you want to,” he said.

In addition to Pre-Physical Therapy, Holy Family University offers students the opportunity to pursue a Pre-Med track. The Pre-Med program takes a more in-depth approach to the profession, including additional areas of study and an emphasis on the MCAT test, the exam a students needs to pass in order to gain admittance into medical school.

“The Pre-Med program has more checkmarks that it needs to meet,” Carbone said. “It has more basic science, math, chemistry, and physics. The curriculum in the Pre-Med program also takes into consideration the requirements of newly designed MCAT exam that includes a new section that tests knowledge of introductory concepts in psychology and sociology. As a result, courses from these disciplines have been added to expose students to a variety of courses in the social and behavioral sciences.”

With Holy Family already bolstering a positive reputation regarding its nursing program, Carbone, one of the creators of the physical therapy track along with other members of the Biology Department, hopes the addition of these new programs compliment the nursing program. Carbone noted that there are plans to add two new tracks—Pre-Physicians Assistant and Pre-Pharmacy—in the near future.

“That’s what I hope to achieve with the addition of these new programs,” Carbone said. “The crowning jewel of Holy Family is nursing. I hope to add another component to that by including these healthcare professions. Overall, yes, nursing is here. But I also want to compliment that from the biology perspective with these healthcare disciplines with the ones we have and the ones we plan on developing in the future.”