February Art Gallery - Nationalism: Belonging/Not Belonging

February 2016 Art Gallery - Nationalism: Belonging/Not BelongingHoly Family University Art Gallery Presents Nationalism: Belonging/Not Belonging

Exhibit Dates: February 9 - March 1, 2016

Panel Discussion: February 23, 2016 3-4 pm in the ETC Lobby followed by an artist reception from 4-6 pm in the Art Gallery.

On Tuesday, February 23, Holy Family University will host a panel discussion titled Citizenship, Belonging and Nation-States in the 21st Century, in conjunction with its February Art Gallery event, Nationalism: Belonging/Not Belonging.

Eleven artists from across the United States will be exhibiting works that address the topic of Nationalism: Belonging /Not Belonging.

Exhibiting Artists: Kristen Miologos, Lidia C. Hasenauer, Gail Morrison-Hall, Stephen Marc, Robert Fields, Howard Hao Tran, Robert Knight, Calcagno Cullen, Howard Skrill, Pamela Flynn, and George Masry Isaac.

Panel Discussion: Citizenship, Belonging and Nation-States in the 21st Century. Editors Nicole Stokes-DuPass and Ramona Fruja will lead a panel discussion about the major themes of the book. Specifically, they will articulate why nation-states still matter in citizenship studies. The authors assert that nation-states continue to hold the unique capacity to determine who has the right to have rights. They also plan to discuss how states actively shape the assimilation outcomes and experiences of belonging among the populations who reside within its borders.

Nicole Stokes-DuPass, Associate Dean for School of Arts and Sciences/Associate Professor of Sociology, Holy Family University

Stokes-DuPass is a political sociologist and an accomplished educator with over 15 years of experience and expertise in teaching diverse student populations. Stokes-DuPass’ research focuses on the state, international migration, citizenship, social integration and Scandinavian and European studies. Her recent book, Integration and New Limits on Citizenship Rights: Denmark and Beyond (2015) is published with Palgrave-MacMillan.

Stokes-DuPass previously served as a U.S. Fulbright Fellow at Roskilde University and Guest Researcher at the Danish Institute for Social Research in Copenhagen, Denmark from 2000-2001 and in 2008. She has also previously served as a Dissertation Fellow for the American-Scandinavian Foundation to Denmark in 2008 and has also conducted research abroad in Russia, Germany and Cuba.

Ramona Fruja, Assistant Professor of Education, Bucknell University

Fruja has a dual doctoral degree in Sociology and Education and teaches courses on immigration, social contexts of schooling, and multicultural education. Her research is interdisciplinary and examines the intersections among immigration and identity, focusing on educational contexts and citizenship, particularly immigrants' experiences with education and citizenship in their multiple forms. She has presented her work at professional conferences internationally and has published in Globalizations; The International Handbook of Migration Studies (Routledge), Immigrants in American History: Arrival, Adaptation and Integration. She is also the co-editor of Social studies and diversity teacher education: What we do and why we do it (Routledge).

The event will take place at Holy Family University’s Education Technology Center (ETC) in the lobby and art gallery. Parking is available to all in the Campus Center parking lot in the visitor section without restriction.