Disability Services Coordinator to Speak at 28th Annual Postsecondary Disability Training Institute Event

28th Disability ConferenceErin Leuthold, Disability Services Coordinator at Holy Family University, will be speaking at the 28th Annual Postsecondary Disability Training Institute in Philadelphia on June 7-10.

According to its website, “The objective of this Training Institute is to assist concerned professionals to meet the unique needs of college students with disabilities.”

Leuthold will be speaking at a pre-conference poster session about Holy Family’s Disability Services, increased transparency of services on campus, working collaboratively with other departments, removing the negative stigma often associated with disabilities, and how all of these efforts can be a factor in students having a positive college experience, which can lead to increased retention rates.

“When I saw that the conference was taking place in Philadelphia, I decided to submit a proposal,” Leuthold said. “I have presented at conferences both locally and out of town, but this will be the first time I have presented at a national conference of this caliber. When I opened the email announcing that I was selected, I was elated. I am the only presenter from a local university and one of the only presenters from a small university.”