Spend Finals Week in the Library with an All Nighter

Looking for a fun way to spend your time studying for finals? Come to the third annual Library All Nighter on Friday, April 29. The event will kick off at 8 pm.

New activities will be planned every hour, including math tutoring, APA citation assistance, dodgeball, water pong, and healthy and high energy snack advice from a registered dietitian. There will also be door prizes, break-time activities, free snacks and beverages throughout the night, and everyone’s favorite—"Sister Maureen's Midnight Munchies"—hot and fresh pizza delivered and paid for by Sister Maureen.

“The event would not be possible without the generous donations from faculty and staff,” said Shannon Brown, Executive Director of the Library. “Last year, almost all of the food was purchased through donations. The goodwill of the Holy Family community is overwhelming. The All Nighter is an excellent and fun night of studying and bonding. I encourage everyone to come out and spend the night at the Library and see for yourself first hand.” 

Donations will also be accepted until the day of the event. Interested students should contact Brown at sbrown10@holyfamily.edu or Christine Runowski at crunowski@holyfamily.edu.