SPSC Updates

Progress Report on Strategic Plan Development – February 2020

Since its creation, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) has met five times and completed the following steps:

  • A Canvas account was created to allow for easy sharing of documents and data among SPSC members
  • SWOT analyses involving the SPSC itself, Senior Administration, President’s Advisory Council, the Committee chairs of the Board of Trustees. Results of each SWOT analysis was discussed, prioritized by each group, and combined into one document that highlighted those topics that received the greatest amount of interest.
  • A Strategic Planning web page was developed to help foster a sense of transparency and inclusion in the process – including charge of SPSC, timeline, link to MSCHE web page and Committee updates.
  • Two separate surveys were constructed - one for faculty, staff and key volunteers, the other for students. The surveys launched the SPSC webpage in December and closed in late January. As of January 22 nd, 193 non-students and 216 students participated.
  • All information was thoughtfully considered and analyzed by the SPSC with goal of synthesizing all inputs into key themes. These themes or pillars were assigned working titles:
  1. Excellence through Innovation
  2. Reaching Beyond Boundaries
  3. Culture of Family
  4. Strengthening Resources
  • Sub-committees of a broader group of faculty and staff were then formed on January 27th to consider each identified theme and deliver back to the SPSC a list of specific strategic initiatives corresponding to each theme.

The four sub-committees and their participants are:

Group 1

Stacy McDonald – Leader

Maria Agnew, Bella Brandimarto Jennifer DeCicco Margaret Harkins, Mike Markowitz, Anne Murphy, Bernice Purcell, Chris Quinn, Julie Rempfer, Kristin Sagedy, Abigail Wernicki, Roseanna Wright

Group 2

Eric Nelson – Leader

Justin Anthony, Sister Marcella Binkowski, CSFN Lauren Campbell, Kim Caulfield, Don Goeltz, Mark Green, Terry Maguire, Brian Minster, Kristin Moroski, Marianne Price

Group 3

Barry Dickinson – Leader

Luanne Amato, John Andelfinger, Driss Atlagh, Christina Bender, Sister Josita Churla, CSFN, Angela Cutchineal, Joel Francisco, Jim Garvey, Jennifer Luling, Anne McMahon, Ann Marie Vickery

Group 4

Gene Kovalchick – Leader

Kate Breslin, Margaret Kelley, Bernadette Laukaitis, Josh Liss, Fr. James MacNew, Kim Maguire, Bob McIntyre, Ed McLaughlin, Keely Milbourne, Corine Williams