Pulley, Mai-Ly


Assistant Professor

DNP, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ
MSN concentration in Administration, Thomas Edison State University, Trenton, NJ
BSN, Thomas Edison State University, Trenton, NJ
ASN, Mercer County Community College, West Windsor, NJ
RN diploma, St. Francis Medical Center School of Nursing, Trenton, NJ
LPN, Mercer County Vocational School Health Occupation Center, Hamilton, NJ

Courses Taught

Undergraduate (Prior to HFU):
Physical Assessment
Critical Care
Nursing Leadership
Clinical (Critical Care, Community, Long-term Care, Med-Surg, Pediatrics, and Rehabilitation)
Lab (All levels)

Undergraduate (At HFU)
Introduction to Professional Nursing
Foundations of Nursing Practice
Research for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
Transition to Clinical Nursing
Applied Pharmacology for Nursing Care

Graduate (AT HFU)
Research for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
Advance Physical Assessment

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

Nursing education requires a curriculum that raises fundamental questions about the meaning of human experience. As a nurse educator, I am committed to nurturing nursing students’ ability to think critically and creatively. I am dedicated to helping students achieve their goal of not just becoming a nurse but becoming the best nurse he or she could possibly be.

Awards and Honors

Nursing Excellence Award (St. Francis Medical Center), 2007
Who’s Who in Nursing, 2014

Additional Info

Prepared as a Doctoral nurse Mai-Ly Pulley earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at Grand Canyon University. She has over 20 years of nursing experience with more than 10 years as an Emergency Nurse. For the past five years, Dr. Pulley has taught at the undergraduate and graduate nursing levels. She sits on the board of directions for the National Coalition of Hospital Associated Schools and Colleges of Nursing. Dr. Pulley Volunteers her nursing skills within her church and community.

Pulley, Mai-Ly
Office: G19 NEB
Phone: (267) 341-3526 Ext. 3526