Carroll-Haskins, Katrina


Director of Art Therapy

Current Doctoral Candidate, Creative Arts Therapies, Drexel University
Dissertation Topic: Visual Art-Based Supervision for Early Professional Art Therapists
MA, Art Therapy, Marywood University
BA, Holy Family University

Courses Taught

CART 503 Professional Orientation and Ethics for Art Therapists
CART 505 Art Therapy: Adult Assessment & Skills
CART 506 Art Therapy: Child and Adolescent Skills
CART 550 Group Counseling for Art Therapists
CART 561 Internship II- Art Therapy
COUN 504 Introductory Counseling Skills: Laboratory Level 1
COUN 520 Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

I relate to learners as a guide and mentor in my role as an educator by modeling authentic engagement through sharing real-world experiences related to applied therapeutic practices. I strive to cultivate an environment in which all learners can take risks, experiment, and explore challenging concepts. I believe that learning best occurs when learners play an active role in shaping knowledge through collaborative engagement in the classroom to foster meaningful connections with course material. 

Recent Presentations/Publications

Research Publications
Kaimal, G., Carroll-Haskins, K., Ramakrishnan, A., Magsamen, S., Arslanbek, A., & Herres, J. (2020) Outcomes of visual self-expression in virtual reality on psychosocial well-being with the inclusion of a fragrance stimulus: A pilot mixed methods study. Frontiers in Psychology, 11(589461).

Banning, A., Carroll-Haskins, K., Smith, D., & Perthes, W. (2020). Qualitative Thematic Assessment of an Arts-Integrated Medical Education Experience in Clinical Year Physician Assistant Students. Journal of Physician Assistant Education, 31(2), 98-102.

Kaimal, G., Carroll-Haskins, K., Mensinger, J., Dieterich-Hartwell, R., Biondo, J., & Levin, W. (2020). Outcomes of therapeutic artmaking in patients undergoing radiation oncology treatment: A mixed methods pilot study. Integrative Cancer Therapies, 19, 1-14. (impact factor= 2.6)

Kaimal, G., Mensinger, J.L., & Carroll-Haskins, K. (2020). Outcomes of collage-art based and narrative self-expression among home hospice caregivers. International Journal of Art Therapy, 25, 62-63.

Kaimal, G., Carroll-Haskins, K., Berberian, M., Dougherty, A., Carlton, N., & Ramakrishnan, A. (2019). Virtual reality in art therapy: A pilot qualitative study of the novel medium and implications for practice. Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association.

Kaimal, G., Carroll-Haskins, K., Mensinger, J., Dieterich-Hartwell, R., Manders, E., & Levin, W. (2019). Outcomes of art therapy and coloring for caregivers of patients in a radiation oncology unit: A mixed methods pilot study. European Journal of Oncology Nursing.

Dunphy, K., Baker, F.A., Dumaresq, E., Carroll-Haskins, K., Eickholt, J., Ercole, M., Kaimal, G., Meyer, K., Sajnani, N., Shamir, O.Y., & Wosch, T. (2019). Creative arts interventions to address depression in older adults: A systematic review of outcomes, processes, and mechanisms. Frontiers in Psychology, 9(2655). (impact factor= 2.1)

Conference Presentations
Kaimal, G., Carroll-Haskins, K., & A. (2020, October). FNIRS and Self-Report Assessment of Artmaking in Virtual Reality. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Art Therapy Association, virtual conference.

Carroll-Haskins, K., & Snyder, K. (2019, October). Virtual reality in art therapy: A pilot qualitative study. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Art Therapy Association, Kansas City, MO.

Carroll-Haskins, K. (2019, February). Embodied experiences of painting in virtual reality. Paper presented at the Digital International Creative Arts Therapies Symposium (DICATS), Philadelphia, PA.

Kaimal, G., Drass, J.M., & Carroll-Haskins, K. (2018, November). Art therapy for patients and caregivers in a radiation oncology unit. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Art Therapy Association, Miami, FL.

Gerber, N., Berberian, M., Carroll-Haskins, K., Lacson, C., & Prakash, N. (2018, May). Intrinsic Arts-Based Research. Panel presentation at the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana, IL.

Additional Info

Registered Art Therapist (ATR #120-85)

Research Interests

Research interests include arts-based supervision methods (ABS), professional identity development within the art therapy and counseling professions, virtual reality art therapy, relationships between aesthetics and empathy, and interdisciplinary research with allied health professions.

Office: 218 NWT
Phone: (267) 341-3608 Ext. 3608