Elizabeth Carroll


Assistant Professor of Biology

BS University of Mary Washington
MS Virginia Commonwealth University
PhD Temple University

Courses Taught

Environmental Science
Marine Ecology
Water Resources

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is centered around three defined themes: 1) the scientific process, 2) scientific literacy and communication, and 3) subject area expertise. Together with active learning strategies, formative assessment, and a student-centered classroom, my aim is to foster student learning, creativity, and synthesis of thought. Teaching and mentorship is important to me, and I see my role as a catalyst and facilitator, a guide, and a source of information to help students to not only learn biology, but also to develop their inquiry, critical thinking, and communication skills. I value the opportunity to be perceptive and adaptive within an interdisciplinary setting to improve student learning. While I have defined my teaching philosophy around three major themes, ultimately I relish the opportunity to help students define, refine, and explore their interests.

Recent Presentations/Publications

Papacostas, K. J., E. W. Rielly-Carroll, S. E. Georgian, D. J. Long, S. D. Princiotta, A. M. Quattrini, K. E. Reuter, and A. L. Freestone. 2017. “Biological Mechanisms of Marine Invasions.” Marine Ecology Progress Series 565 (February): 251–68.

Rielly-Carroll, Elizabeth, and Amy L. Freestone. 2017. “Habitat Fragmentation Differentially Affects Trophic Levels and Alters Behavior in a Multi-Trophic Marine System.” Oecologia 183 (3): 899–908.

Rielly-Carroll EW and AL Freestone, Habitat isolation interacts with top-down and bottom-up processes in a seagrass ecosystem. PlosOne. In review. July 2016.

Awards and Honors

University Fellow, Temple University (2015)
Grants-in-Aid of Research, Sigma Xi (2013)
Special Recognition, National Science Foundation: Graduate STEM Fellows (2012)
NSF GK-12 Fellow, National Science Foundation (2011-2013)

Elizabeth Carroll
Office: HFH 408A
Phone: 267-341-3268