Elizabeth Carroll


Assistant Professor of Biology

BS University of Mary Washington
MS Virginia Commonwealth University
PhD Temple University

Courses Taught

Environmental Science
Marine Ecology
Water Resources

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is centered around three defined themes: 1) the scientific process, 2) scientific literacy and communication, and 3) subject area expertise. Together with active learning strategies, formative assessment, and a student-centered classroom, my aim is to foster student learning, creativity, and synthesis of thought. Teaching and mentorship is important to me, and I see my role as a catalyst and facilitator, a guide, and a source of information to help students to not only learn biology, but also to develop their inquiry, critical thinking, and communication skills. I value the opportunity to be perceptive and adaptive within an interdisciplinary setting to improve student learning. While I have defined my teaching philosophy around three major themes, ultimately I relish the opportunity to help students define, refine, and explore their interests.

Recent Presentations/Publications

Freestone, Amy L., Carroll, Elizabeth W., Papacostas, Katherine, Ruiz, Gregory M., Torchin, Mark E. and Sewall, Brent J. (2019). Predation shapes invertebrate diversity in tropical but not temperate seagrass communities. Journal of Animal Ecology 1-28. https://doi.org/10.1111/1365-2656.13133

Papacostas, K. J., E. W. Rielly-Carroll, S. E. Georgian, D. J. Long, S. D. Princiotta, A. M. Quattrini, K. E. Reuter, and A. L. Freestone. 2017. “Biological Mechanisms of Marine Invasions.” Marine Ecology Progress Series 565 (February): 251–68.

Rielly-Carroll, Elizabeth, and Amy L. Freestone. 2017. “Habitat Fragmentation Differentially Affects Trophic Levels and Alters Behavior in a Multi-Trophic Marine System.” Oecologia 183 (3): 899–908.

Rielly-Carroll EW and AL Freestone, Habitat isolation interacts with top-down and bottom-up processes in a seagrass ecosystem. PlosOne. In review. July 2016.

Awards and Honors

University Fellow, Temple University (2015)
Grants-in-Aid of Research, Sigma Xi (2013)
Special Recognition, National Science Foundation: Graduate STEM Fellows (2012)
NSF GK-12 Fellow, National Science Foundation (2011-2013)

Elizabeth Carroll
Office: HFH 408A
Phone: 267-341-3268