S. Mary Joan Jacobs, CSFN


Assistant Professor

EdD - Administration, Saint Joseph's University
MA - English, Villanova University
BA - English, Holy Family University

Courses Taught

American Literature 203
American Literature 204
Writing 101

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

While writing is important to me, my focus is on the student as a whole person. My philosophy is that I want my students to be better learners than I am. I want them to connect with the world around them and be of service to others.

Recent Presentations/Publications

Dissertation: The Anorectic Poverty of Self: Eating Disorders and Young Women. Saint Joseph’s University. May 2003.
Jacobs, Mary Joan. Eating Disorders and Teenage Women. in Momentum an NCEA Publication. Summer 2010.
Jacobs, Mary Joan. Eating Disorders and Young Women in the Pennsylvania Child and Adolescent Service System Program Newsletter. Volume 13 Number 1. March 2004.
Jacobs, Sister Mary Joan. “Sacristans for the Lord.” A Commeration of the Martyrdom of Sister Mary Stella and her Ten Companions.

Additional Info

I really enjoy writing and reading on a variety of topics. My research into women and eating disorders has led me into a whole other area of understanding young adults.

S. Mary Joan Jacobs, CSFN
Office: HFH 318
Phone: 267-341-3254