University Mail Room

Mail Department

The Mail department is dedicated to providing the faculty, staff and students with convenient/prompt and cost effective mail services.

Student Mail

Mail is delivered daily to St Joseph’s Hall and the Stevenson Lane Residence mailboxes daily. Students are notified via email when a package arrives. Packages are available for pick up at Holy Family Hall Room 107 with valid University ID. Outgoing mail must have postage. Mail can be deposited in the US Post Office box near the loading dock behind Holy Family Hall or deposited in the box labeled Outgoing Mail in the Stevenson Lane Residence. Outgoing packages are processed in the Mail room – all packages must be properly prepared for mailing and the postage must be paid in cash.

Department Mail

Mail is delivered to the administrative offices twice a day. All other department mail is sorted and available for pick up in the mail room by 11:00 a.m.

Folder/Inserter Machine

  • Folds up to four sheets of paper in thirds.
  • Folded sheets can be inserted into #10 envelopes.
  • Please give sufficient notice to the Mail room prior to requesting a job.

USPS Address Convention

In order to receive your parcels and personal mail in a timely manner, please use the following address convention:

  • Name of recipient
  • Name of the University
  • Name of Building and Mailbox #
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip Code

Attach the return sender’s address in the top left hand corner of the mail piece.

Personal Mail/Packages

The Mail room will process personal mail and packages by USPS – all personal mailings must be paid for in cash.


Packages can be dropped off at the Mail Room for returns with the proper labeling and packaging.