University Mail Room

Mail Room Procedures

The Holy Family University Mail Room is open Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm for the Campus Community. We are closed on weekends.  We are located in Holy Family Hall, Room 107 on the first floor. You can call us at 267-341-3260.

Incoming mail is picked up daily at the Torresdale Post Office located at 10380 Drummond Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154.

The Mail Room is open to drop off inter-office mail and drop off outgoing mail and to pick up your departmental/personal mail during open hours.

Incoming mail and parcels are sorted to campus mail bins for the whole campus (Schools, Offices, Campus Center and Delaney Hall, Library, Bookstore, Alpha House, as well as Resident Student halls).

We deliver sorted mail to HFH Administrative Offices on the second floor by 11:00am daily.  All other departments are responsible to pick up their mail.


We immediately email students/staff & faculty of parcels to be picked up. You must show Holy Family University photo I.D. to receive packages. We will not give parcels to anyone other than the person to whom it is addressed.

UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and outside deliveries are dropped off at our Purchasing Department and are sent to the Mail Room so we can contact the receiver through email.

Resident Mail

Resident Student mail is delivered to SLR, St. Joseph’s Hall, and the Garden Residence daily as well as Delaney Hall. Resident Students must check on their mailboxes at least once a week.

Correct Addressing Method

In order to receive your parcels and personal mail in a timely manner, according to the USPS, your mail should consistently use this proper mailing method:

  • Name of recipient
  • Name of the University
  • Name of Building and Mailbox #
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip Code

Additionally, you should always put the return senders’ address in the top left hand corner of the mail piece.


We deliver inter-office mail, parcels, supplies, etc. to the Newtown site on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays and to the Bensalem (formerly Woodhaven) site every day.

All mail being sent to the Newtown Campus should be in a Blue inter-office envelope.  The Bensalem Campus uses Yellow envelopes, and the Philadelphia Campus uses Gold envelopes. 

We do not provide envelopes, but the Mail Room is a hub to drop off excess envelopes for others to take as needed.

Folder/Stuffer Machine

The Mail Room has a folder/stuffing machine available for any/all offices that need this service for large mailings. We require at least a 2-day notice of the job to be performed and the date of mailing to be sent out.

Mail Codes

All mail must have a Mail Code number on the outgoing mail to be processed and metered. This is a 2-digit number. Please bundle them if it is a large mailing.

Personal Mail

We do NOT have Postal Stamp but we can process personal mail by affixing a label or metering a post on your mail piece. This must be paid to our office with exact change at time of posting.

Return Services

Students returning books, etc. can use the Mail Room office to drop off outgoing parcels with proper labels.