Transfer Procedures

All non-immigrant visa holders can transfer from one SEVP-certified school to another. However, the regulations impose different processes. The transfer process involves only the transfer of the SEVIS record of the individual. It does not mean that your school will automatically transfer your academic records.

F-1 Student Transfer Procedures to Another SEVIS-Certified School

SEVIS Transfer-In

International students transferring in to Holy Family University are required to complete a Transfer-In Request Form, and submit it to Holy Family University International Affairs Office.

An F-1 is eligible to transfer to another school or program of study. The process begins by bringing the DSO at Holy Family University the following.
a. Written confirmation of acceptance to another SEVP-certified school
b. Contact information for the new school's DSO
c. SEVIS school code for the transfer-in school

Holy Family University's DSO will work with you to choose a transfer release date, which is when the DSO at your transfer-in school takes responsibility for your SEVIS record. Once the transfer release date arrives, the DSO at your previous school will not have access to your SEVIS record, and the new DSO will create a new Form I-20. It is important to have the new Form I-20 signed by the new DSO and you as soon as possible. To maintain status, register for classes and contact the new DSO within 15 days of the program start date listed on the Form I-20.

SEVIS Transfer-Out

An F-1 student is permitted to remain in the United States when transferring between schools or programs as long as the student begins classes at the transfer-in school in the next available term or within five months of his or her last day of classes at the transfer-out school, whichever is sooner, or within five months of the program completion date on his/her current Form I-20 or EAD granted for post-completion OPT.

Students transferring-out of Holy Family University are requested to complete a SEVIS Transfer Out Request Form (IAO Forms) and submit to Holy Family University International Affairs Office.

J-1 Transfer Procedures for One Program Sponsor to Another

A J-1 Exchange Visitor may transfer from one program sponsor to another if the purpose of the transfer is to complete the academic objective for which he/she was admitted. This transfer process requires coordination between the RO/ARO of the current J-1 program, and the RO/ARO of the new J-1 program. Gaps between sponsorship programs are not allowed.

When transferring-out of Holy Family University the Exchange Visitor must:
a. Complete a SEVIS Transfer Out Request Form (IAO Forms) and resubmit it to the RO/ARO at Holy Family University.
b. Remain at Holy Family University until the effective date of transfer
c. Report to the new RO/ARO at the new sponsor program to obtain the new DS-2019 within 30 days after the effective date of transfer. (THE START DATE AT THE NEW INSTITUTION MUST BE THE DAY IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE LAST DAY AT THE PRIOR INSTITUTION)