Fire Science & Public Safety Administration


The Degree Program in Fire Science and Public Safety Administration is one of only a handful of bachelor degree programs in the world accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC). IFSAC accreditation indicates that course offerings, institutional support, and qualified faculty are working together to complete their educational goals. Holy Family University has a 58% graduation rate and a 78% retention rate—both above the national average.

Fire Science and Public Safety Administration students can gain real-world experience through Holy Family University’s nationally recognized co-op and internship program. The results speak for themselves as 87 percent of our students find permanent jobs as a result of their co-op experience.

Some of the companies our students have worked with include:

  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
  • The University of Pennsylvania, Department of Public Safety
  • Philadelphia Fire Department
  • Oliver Fire Protection and Security

The most recent graduate survey (2013) provides information that is important to anyone considering this program. All of our recent graduates who responded to our survey reported that they are employed in a career in the fire service or a related field. Fifty-three percent of those respondents had achieved a leadership position (supervisory position or higher) in their organization. We believe that the reason for our graduates' success is that the Fire Science and Public Safety Administration program develops and refines the student's knowledge, skills and abilities in risk management, emergency-scene management, administration, communication, safety, public safety technology, and business technology. These program learning outcomes are the skills that leaders in emergency response organizations need today.

We assess our students' proficiency in these skills using examinations, reports and the required Comprehensive Examination. As of the Spring 2016 semester, 100% of our students achieved either mastery or proficiency of the skills we believe are needed for a successful career in this field.

Slightly more than half of our most recent Fire Science and Public Safety Administration program graduates attended graduate school, and more than 10% have already earned their Master's degree. Overwhelmingly, the Fire Science and Public Safety Administration Program graduates who responded to the 2013 survey believed that:

  • Their undergraduate degree in Fire Science and Public Safety Administration helped them in their careers and helped them better serve society (95%).
  • Their degree prepared them for graduate school (79%).
  • The Fire Science and Public Safety Administration courses were beneficial (100%).
  • The Fire Science and Public Safety Administration curriculum added a necessary business (89%) and liberal (84%) component to their technical knowledge.
  • The Holy Family University fire science and business faculty are knowledgeable in the subject matter they taught (100%).