Health Services

Health Services is temporarily located in Campus Center 207

Health Services is located in the basement of the Campus Center, Room G-07.

A Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) is available to students during the Academic Year, Monday through Friday. The CRNP treats common medical conditions, including colds, sore throat, sinus infections, pink eye, rashes, women's and men's health issues, and minor injuries. Students with chronic conditions or more complex problems will be referred to the appropriate health care provider for care.

Schedule an appointment with the nurse practitioner.

Medical Emergencies

Students who experience a medical emergency and are on campus should call Security at 267-341-3361. Students who are off campus should call 911.

Health Regulations

All full-time undergraduate students are required to submit a completed Health History Form, Physical, and Immunization records to Health Services prior to attending classes. Students who fail to submit the required health forms can only receive emergency care in Health Services and will not be scheduled for routine appointments until the required forms are received.

Graduate and part time students who select to schedule non-emergency appointments in Health Services are required to provide a completed Health History Form, Physical, and Immunization records at their first visit. PA Law #955 requires students living in university housing receive the meningitis vaccine or to sign a waiver of refusal. Students who fail to complete this form and are not immunized against meningitis will not be allowed to move into housing until this form is completed or the student submits proof of immunization to meningitis.

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