University Policies Library

About the University Policies Library

This library is a repository for all University-level policies maintained to guide and direct the Holy Family University community. A University policy is a statement of the University’s position on a particular issue and meets all of the following criteria:

  •  It has broad application or impact across the University (it applies to more than one business unit and/or group of stakeholders).
  • It serves to document the University’s intent to comply with applicable laws and regulations, promotes operational efficiencies, sets the stage for uniform standards, and/or reduces institutional risk.  A policy may also reference a specific law or regulation.

  • It may require actions or constraints, and it contains specific procedures for compliance.

  • It applies to a subject matter that requires review and approval of University leadership designated as approval authorities.

 This site does not include:

  •  Unit-level policies (department, school, division) that do not apply the University as a whole
  • Procedures that do not have policies associated with them

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