Blended and Online Course Size

Policy Name:  Blended and Online Course Size

Policy Number: ACA-1…

Effective:  2016/04                                                                                                                        

Revised:  2019/04


Policy Statement

Course Size

Class size in blended and online courses impacts the level of interaction between students and instructor, students with other students, student engagement, and the establishment of an online learning community. In order to maintain the integrity of our programs and provide our students effective learning experience across the university, all blended and online courses are capped at 20 students.

In extraordinary circumstances, the Deans (and Exec. Dir. Of DELCE) would have the authority to increase the capacity of the course by an increment of one (1). The justification for the increase must not be routine. It should be considered an emergency and directly related to a pathway to graduation for a student. The Dean will secure a written acknowledgement from the faculty member that the class size is being increased by one. This can be in any form including an email.