Health Promotion and Wellness Program Coordinator/Faculty 

Health Promotion and Wellness Program Coordinator/Faculty 

The Health Promotion and Wellness (HPWE) Program Coordinator and Faculty member is responsible for advancing the mission of the University and School of Nursing and Health Sciences by providing academic and administrative leadership within the HPWE program.  The HPWE Program Coordinator and Faculty member carries a 12-credit load with 3 credits dedicated to program coordination and growth and 3 credits dedicated to advising.  The program coordinator is required to teach 6 credits per semester and be physically on-site at the Philadelphia campus daily and as needed.  This is a 12-month contract with a stipend for summer coordination.

Employees must understand the mission of Catholic higher education and be committed to the core values, mission, goals and objectives of Holy Family University.

Responsibilities (not all inclusive)

  • Responsible for the day-to-day operations within the Health Promotion and Wellness program providing growth, vision, direction, and oversite of activities in the classroom and internship experiences.
  • Provide leadership and counsel to faculty and students while monitoring trends and growth within health promotion and wellness education
  • Provide assessment findings and necessary reports while working directly with the Vice-Dean of Health Sciences and Holy Family University’s Director of Assessment 
  • Fully implement and evaluat student learning outcomes and overall program outcomes
  • Advise all Health Promotion and Wellness students 
  • Approve all Health Promotion and Wellness courses every semester for each student
  • Work directly with the Director of Career Development Center and the Experiential Learning Program leadership to plan and approve internship experiences
  • Track, advise, and place students who are unsuccessful in a course
  • Meet with each student upon request who was unsuccessful in a course
  • Re-sequence courses for any student who was unsuccessful in a course
  • Communicate with the Internship mentor/preceptor for each student in collaboration with course internship faculty
  • Disseminate all assignments to Health Promotion and Wellness faculty
  • Communicate with faculty teaching within the Health Promotion and Wellness (HPWE) program prior to, during, and at the end of the semester
  • Orient all new faculty members to the Health Promotion and Wellness (HPWE) program
  • Meet with the Progression Committee to provide report on any Health Promotion and Wellness (HPWE) student who was unsuccessful in a course(s) and in jeopardy of probation or dismissal from program/university
  • Meet with students related to attendance, behavior issues, grades, and/or any other concerns/issues
  • Review courses and course sequences each semester 
  • Submit request for active courses for the entire academic year
  • Work with IT on issues/concerns with classroom technology and testing
  • Work with facilities regarding testing accommodations and room set up
  • Review post exam sheets, failure warning sheets, and failure sheets
  • Weekly meeting with the Vice Dean of Health Sciences
  • Conduct orientation each session for new incoming students and transfer students
  • Ensure course book orders are submitted each semester
  • Communicate with the internship compliance secretary to ensure students internship compliances are up to date and track as needed
  • Review admission requirements/application as needed 
  • Proficiency in ExamSoft required
  • Track and contact unregistered students
  • Provide growth (new certifications, accreditation, etc.) within the program

Teaching responsibility 

  • Responsible for at least 6 credit hours per semester 
  • Prepare and present lecture content
  • Provide supplemental instructional materials to enhance learning
  • Review and provide feedback on exams and assessment criteria
  • Create and disseminate post exam sheets per exam to Vice-Dean
  • Accurately evaluate students’ progression
  • Track students’ attendance and GPA in course and flag students who are not meeting the benchmark
  • Meet with students to assist with learning, answer questions, and/or address concerns/issues
  • Update course content as noted through evidence-based research findings within the field of health promotion and wellness
  • Set up course shell and publish course in LMS
  • Prepare/update syllabi for HPWE course(s)
  • Create exams and assessment criteria
  • Review exam statistics after exam and collaborate with faculty regarding the exam
  • Review post-exam sheets created by faculty
  • Provide remediation for students who are unsuccessful as needed
  • Meet with course faculty prior to, during, and at the end of the semester
  • Meet with adjunct faculty prior to the start of the session to provide guidelines and policies for ExamSoft training, didactic and internship experiences
  • Review the internship grid to ensure all students are placed in an appropriate/approved site
  • Communicate with the compliance secretary, student, and faculty regarding students’ internship compliances
  • Review/approve/submit new book orders for courses when needed
  • Attend and report on all updates at Health Sciences Council meetings


  • Doctoral degree required.  
  • Prior teaching experience required in area of health promotion, psychology, and/or nursing preferred.  

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement about teaching and research interest, graduate transcripts, and three letters of recommendation to Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.