Faithful Learning Scholars Program Application

For questions, please email Sister Rita Fanning, CSFN, Vice President for Mission and Belonging at

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Application Questions


This is not a test and there is no grade, so please do not feel pressured. Just be honest and answer the questions in one word, one sentence, one paragraph, one sheet, whatever is appropriate. And, if you do not have an answer, or have only a partial answer, it is okay to say “My answer is a work in progress,” or “I don’t have a clue,” or “I wish I knew,” or “this is what I think now, but I may change my mind,” or whatever is truthful. Your answers can be as short or long as is appropriate.


By submitting this application I commit to reading the articles/materials chosen for reflection at the dialog dinners and I will be prepared to participate in the dialogs with my personal opinions, questions, and comments. By signing this application, I also agree to share with open heart and mind for the growth of all as one learning community, a community of FAMILY.

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