Academic Forgiveness Policy

Policy Name:  Academic Forgiveness Policy

Policy Number: ACA-1000

Effective:  Legacy

Revised:  Not applicable

Policy Statement

The University’s Academic Forgiveness policy applies only to undergraduate students. Students who have been withdrawn from the University for a minimum of three 3 years are eligible to apply for a one-time academic forgiveness adjustment of all D and F grades. Students should submit a letter of petition for academic forgiveness at the time the application for readmission is made to the University. The petition for academic forgiveness will be considered upon the completion of 12 credits after readmission with the condition that no grade earned during the 12 credits is less than a C and that the term grade point average (GPA) for each term of the 12 credits is no less than 2.0. Grades of C and above will apply to degree requirements (as appropriate) and the GPA. Grades of D and F will appear on the transcript but are not included in the calculations and need to be retaken if applicable to the degree program. Recipients of academic forgiveness are eligible for academic honors as earned.

Petitioners are advised that academic forgiveness does not apply to all academic programs nor does it guarantee acceptance into a specific degree program. Academic forgiveness adjustments may not be recognized by institutions outside of Holy Family University and they may affect financial aid eligibility.