Policy Name:  Academic Integrity

Policy Number: ACA-1001

Effective: Legacy

Revised: Not applicable

Policy Statement 

Holy Family University, true to its motto, teneor votis (“I am bound by my responsibilities”), educates men and women both intellectually and morally to assume their responsibilities toward God, themselves, and society. The University expects from its students the highest standards of honor and integrity in meeting their academic responsibilities.

In addition, academic honesty is essential for effective evaluation of student scholarship and growth. Anything less than complete integrity undermines the basic educational process.

Violations include, but are not limited to, copying tests, laboratory reports, etc., purchasing work to present as one’s own, obtaining tests or test questions illegally, either verbally or otherwise, using notes during testing or collaborating with another to obtain test information.

Plagiarism is another form of cheating. This is defined as: using in a written or oral assignment or project the ideas or words of another without acknowledging the source. When one repeats, without quotes, the ideas or words of an author, paraphrases an author’s ideas, or presents an author’s line of thought without acknowledging that author, the user is guilty of plagiarism, a serious breach of academic honesty.

Similarly, the use of computers to obtain and/or disseminate information for dishonest purposes, as well as misrepresentations concerning the source, development, or application of computer software, constitutes a serious violation of academic integrity.

Anyone who willfully assists another in the breach of integrity is held equally responsible and is subject to the same penalties.

Academic dishonesty in any form is regarded as a breach of honor and integrity, an evasion of personal responsibility, and an attempt to misrepresent progress. Violations of standards will not be tolerated at Holy Family University and will be subject to progressive sanctions including failure of a course and dismissal from the program and University. Sanctions may be appealed.