Blended and Online Course Delivery

Policy Name:  Blended and Online Course Delivery

Policy Number: ACA – 1003

Effective:  2016/04                                                                                                                        

Revised:  2019/04


Policy Statement

Course Delivery

All full time and adjunct faculty involved in teaching blended or online courses must take and pass the Holy Family Orientation to Canvas and Online Instruction course (Appendix 2.2).


Information Technology

The role of Information Technology is to:

  • provide technical support for distance learning faculty and
  • support and promote technological infrastructure.
  • provide a secure computer network ensuring the integrity and privacy of the communications and records exchanged.
  • provide training opportunities for faculty on the use and development of instructional technologies by offering online tutorials and workshops on Canvas as needed. These tutorials and workshops cover the various tools available to help organize and manage a Canvas course.

Each semester all courses are automatically created in Canvas via the integration with Colleague. Faculty members are responsible for setting up and maintaining their Canvas sections, including uploading course content, creating modules, and posting other instructional materials. IT will work with faculty members to ensure that they have the ability to perform these duties through workshops and one on-one training, as needed.

Support for Canvas is available on a 24 x7 basis via the Canvas Help Center. Students and Faculty can request technical assistance for Canvas 24 hours a day by visiting the ‘HELP’ button located in the bottom, left corner after logging into Canvas. Students or Faculty may submit a ticket, chat, or call 855-308-2755 for assistance.


Library Services for Blended and Online Courses

To provide an equivalent experience to the on campus students, the Holy Family Library provides an online orientation to the resources listed below. The main goal is to keep online students and faculty informed about all the library has to offer; however, on campus students and faculty have access to it as well. The online orientation will include information normally taught in on-campus information literacy sessions, with instructional/informational videos (of less than 10 minutes) covering each resource. A short quiz accompanies each lesson which students can repeat until they pass. These resources in tandem with a default Library link in all Canvas course templates ensures that all Holy Family students and faculty utilize what the library has to offer.