Blended and Online Learning Definitions

Policy Name:  Online Learning Definitions

Policy Number: ACA-1009

Effective:  2016/04                                                                                                                        

Revised:  2019/04


Policy Statement

Online Learning Definitions

Holy Family University offers a range of course delivery formats including traditional, classroom-based learning, and a continuum of online options. Regardless of how the course is delivered, all courses offered at Holy Family University provide 45 hours of instruction. The following defines the different types of online learning available at Holy Family:

Blended courses combine elements of traditional, classroom-based courses and online courses. An essential element of the blended course is the intentional integration of F2F class sessions with online learning experiences i.e., the online learning enhances and extends the F2F instruction in order to fully address specific course outcome objectives. In a blended course, both the F2F and the online portions are critical to the achievement of course outcome objectives.

A blended course at Holy Family University is one in which between 12 to 36 hours of class time are conducted online.

Online courses are conducted entirely online with the possible exception of campus-based, proctored exams. An online course at Holy Family University is one in between 37 and 45 hours of class time are conducted online. Any campus-based requirement, such as for a proctored exam, is flexible as to location and schedule so that students are not required to travel to a Holy Family University campus to complete course requirements.