Policy Name:  Weapons
Policy Number: ADM-2004
Effective:  Legacy
Revised: Not applicable

Policy Statement


The presence and use of weapons on campus presents a potential threat to the safety of all community members. No student, staff member, faculty member or visitor shall keep, use, possess, display, or transport any rifles, shotguns, handguns, pellet or BB guns, dangerous knives, billy clubs, makeshift weapons, martial arts weapons, or any other lethal or dangerous devices capable of casting a projectile by air, gas, explosion, or mechanical means on any property or in any building owned or operated by the University or in any vehicle on campus. Realistic facsimiles of weapons are also specifically not allowed.

If attending classes on campus, Law Enforcement individuals must conceal their weapons. The University retains the right to search persons, possessions and bags, and privately-owned vehicles on University property, and to confiscate, retain and dispose of/destroy all items covered by this policy regardless of value or ownership. Law enforcement may be contacted for some violations of this policy.