Policy Name:  Advertising Policy

Policy Number: STU-7000

Effective:  Legacy

Revised: Not applicable

Policy Statement

Advertising and Posting Policy

The purpose of this policy to help inform the community about upcoming opportunities, events, and initiatives for engagement and education.

Review & Approval Process

All Registered Student Organizations, all student-initiated events, including academic course projects, the Student Engagement Office, and the Office of Residence Life are required to have proposed postings and flyers approved through the Student Engagement Office located on the second floor of the Campus Center. All other University administrative offices and units and all faculty and staff are required to have proposed postings and flyers approved through Marketing & Communications located on the second floor of Holy Family Hall. All postings and communications from University Athletics will be approved by the Sports Information Director located on the ground floor of the Campus Center.

All questions and electronic communication can be directed to the approving offices, as follows:

Any off-campus poster/flyer/advertisement, regardless of the initiating organization or administrative unit, must be designed and approved through Marketing & Communications to assure proper branding guidelines. Should you require development of poster/flyer/advertisement, the Publications/Graphics Start Your Project Form must be completed and requires six (6) weeks for development.


Advertising Policy – Student Engagement

Steps to Gain Approval for Your Advertisement

  • All advertisements must be emailed to Student Engagement at least four weeks in advance of the event.
  • Student-initiated advertisements may not be sent to duplicating by the requestor. Student Engagement will circulate to Duplicating on the requestor’s behalf. If you need physical flyers printed, please detail the following information in the initial email: file attachment, date and time needed, number of copies, sides printed (1 sided or 2 sided), black and white or color printing, whether stapling is required, and any additional information pertinent to your request (i.e. where you plan to hang physical advertisements to support number of flyers requested). These requirements are outlined by the Duplicating Office.
  • All posters must be a minimum of 8.5 x 11 inches and be of thick stock paper (not copy paper).
  • Once flyers are printed, Student Engagement will place an approval stamp on each flyer. Physical flyers are not permitted to be hung or distributed on campus without the signature approval stamp.
  • All stamped flyers will be available for pick up in the “approved flyer” bin in the Registered Student Organization (RSO) office located on the second floor of the Campus Center. The Student Engagement Office will notify the requester once the flyers are ready for pick up.