General Facility Rules for Athletics Areas

Policy Name: Holy Family University General Facility Rules for Athletics Areas

Policy Number: STU-7039

Effective:  Legacy                                                                                                                          

Revised:  2019/09

Policy Statement

Facilities Usage and Rental Rules

  1. The Athletic Field is not open to outside use and any internal requests must go through the ADO for approval.
  2. Internal Groups requesting use of the gym must also go through the ADO and will be approved upon an availability and feasibility basis.
  3. Requests for use of facilities from outside organizations will be considered on an individual basis and must go through the Assistant Director of Athletics for Daily Operations (ADO). If approved, all requests will go by the Facility Usage by Outside Groups Policy.
  4. Only persons in possession of a valid Holy Family I.D. card are permitted the use of the athletic gymnasium and facilities. A gym schedule will be posted in the lower lobby and in other designated locations.  If the gym is not reserved, it is considered an open gym and anyone with valid HFU ID is allowed to utilize.
  5. Persons using the athletic gym facilities must wear light-soled sneakers and appropriate activity attire.



  1. Non-students, staff or faculty are not permitted to use the gymnasium.
  2. The coach or designated person must supervise practice for Holy Family athletic teams.
  3. Use of the gym for recreational time will be 6 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., Monday through Sunday.
  4. Preferential scheduling will be extended to athletic teams and special events.
  5. Basketballs are available at the Public Safety desk with a valid Holy Family ID.
  6. The gym will not be available for use by students while athletic team practice is in session or if the gymnasium has been booked for a special event. The gym schedule will be posted outside of the gym in the lower lobby and other designated areas that will show when the gymnasium has been reserved for athletic practices and events and special events.


Locker Room

  1. It is the responsibility of all coaches and student-athletes to maintain the condition of the team lockers and the cleanliness of the team locker room.
  2. Individuals must supply their own locks and remove them immediately after use. Locks that are not registered and are left on the locker overnight will be cut off.
  3. Individual lockers (without locks) are available for those persons using the athletic facilities.
  4. Team lockers will be assigned at the discretion of the Director of Athletics or his or her designee.
  5. Following the conclusion of a team’s season, all signs, tape, and personal items are to be removed from the team locker room and lockers are to be brought back to original condition. Any items left in the team locker room will be discarded.


Athletic Training Facility

The Athletic Training office is reserved for the use of Holy Family University athletic teams, and is supervised by the Certified Head Athletic Trainer or persons delegated by the Director of Athletics.


Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is located in the Campus Center on Holy Family University’s Northeast Philadelphia Campus. The facility is divided between two floors. One floor is dedicated to cardio equipment, lighter free weights and some accessory weight lifting machines. The other is dedicated to weight training and contains more advanced free weights, squat racks, bench press, and accessory weight lifting machines. Each area is outfitted with Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment and is designed to meet the workout needs of all fitness levels.  The Fitness Center is staffed by work study students and they are available to provide instruction on how to use the equipment.

Fitness Center Hours: 6 a.m. – 12 a.m.



An orientation must be completed with a Fitness Center staff member prior to usage of the Fitness Center.