Policy Name: Department of Athletics Missed Class Policy

Policy Number: STU-7034

Effective:  Legacy                                                                                                                          

Revised:  2019/09

Policy Statement

Regular Season Competition and Post Season Play

Holy Family student-athletes are only permitted to miss class for games or competitions that are in the championship segment of their season. Student-athletes must identify conflicts in their schedule and obtain “missed class” letters from the Associate Director of Athletics for Academic Welfare. The student-athlete is responsible for providing the missed class letter(s) to their instructor(s) at the beginning of the semester-championship segment of their season-or at least prior to any class that they will have to miss. At no time is a student-athlete permitted to miss class time for practice, team meetings or for any other reason.

When class time is missed for a game or competition, it is the responsibility of the student-athlete to make up all missed work and hand all projects and papers to the instructor. The student-athlete should meet with his or her instructor and make the necessary arrangements to complete any missed work.


Non-championship Segment

At no time is a student-athlete permitted to miss class time for a game, scrimmage or practice for their perspective sport that is not in season. If a student-athlete is caught trying to miss class for this reason, the student-athlete will have a meeting with the Head Coach and Director of Athletics or designee to discuss the issue and the recommendation for appropriate punishment.


Academic Year

Student-athletes at Holy Family are expected to attend all classes on a regular basis as they are assigned. If there is an emergency, then the student-athlete will need to contact the appropriate professors, coaches and the Department of Athletics to notify them of the circumstance. 

If a student-athlete misses class on a regular basis due to a non-emergency reason, the student-athlete will be held accountable for their actions. Excessive missed classes may result in contest suspension and/or reduction or non-renewal of athletics aid for the following academic year.