Policies and Procedures for Education

Policy Name: Department of Athletics Policies and Procedures for Education

Policy Number: STU-7036

Effective:  Legacy                                                                                                                          

Revised:  2019/09

Policy Statement

 Academic Load

The normal credit load for an undergraduate full-time student is from 12 to 18 semester credit hours, during each of the Fall or Spring semesters. No more than two courses for a maximum of eight credits may be taken during a single Summer Session. Credit load varies with the student’s specific curriculum and record of achievement. Approval to carry credit hours in excess of the maximum load per semester is granted by the School Dean in the student’s area of concentration. Such approval will be given only to those students whose academic record gives evidence of their ability to do superior work. The current part-time tuition per credit will be charged for credits exceeding 18 per semester during the Fall and Spring semesters.

(Reference: Holy Family University Student Handbook)


Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all classes and laboratory sessions regularly and may not absent themselves except for illness or some other serious matter. Absences in any semester equal to twice the number of weekly contact hours of a given class are deemed excessive. Final grades and/or receipt of academic credit may be jeopardized by excessive absences. Students who never attend classes will be administratively withdrawn from courses, and students should be aware that such action can affect financial aid eligibility in current and/or future semesters. Students are also expected to meet their usual class responsibilities set by the University calendar for the beginning of a vacation period. They may not extend their vacation beyond the date assigned for return to the University without the approval of the School Dean in the area of concentration. Students who attend class for any amount of time and do not officially and personally drop/ withdraw from courses through the Registrar’s Office will be assigned a failing grade at the end of a given semester. Retroactive withdrawals will not be applied in those instances in which students do not drop/withdraw from courses as required by the University.

(Reference: Holy Family University Student Handbook)



Student-athletes have priority registration.  This means that student-athletes are permitted to register for classes beginning the first week that registration is open for the following semester.

  1. Student-athletes should print a copy of their schedule as soon as possible after they register in order to confirm that they have registered successfully.
  2. If the student-athlete uses Student Planner to register (and submits their schedule to their faculty advisor for approval), then the student-athlete should notify the Associate Director once the faculty advisor has approved their schedule.  The Associate Director will then approve the schedule and the student-athlete can then register.
    1. Student-athletes are required to have their schedules approved by the Associate Director of Athletics for Academic Welfare (or designee) before they register for classes.  An athletic hold is in place for registration and will not be removed until the student-athlete obtains approval of their schedule by the Associate Director. 
    2. In order to be eligible to register, student-athletes must meet with their faculty advisor (or Academic Advising, Holy Family Hall, room 215, for freshman student-athletes and those who have not declared a major) and obtain approval of their class schedule.  Student-athletes may meet in person with their faculty advisor, or may use Student Planner to create their schedule and submit it to their faculty advisor for approval.
  3. If the student-athlete meets in person with their faculty advisor, they should bring their completed Registration Form or Advising Contract, which should include their faculty advisor’s signature, to the Associate Director of Athletics for Academic Welfare for review and approval.  The Associate Director will sign the Registration Form/Advising Contract, make a copy and return the original form to the student-athlete, who will then register for classes by taking the form to the Registrar’s office (Holy Family Hall room 205) for processing.
  4. Student-athletes who are in their championship season during the semester should review their game schedules and make every effort to select sections of classes that minimize missed class time.  Student-athletes may not be permitted to select sections of classes that will cause them to miss significant class time, where there are other sections of classes available that they can take and that fit in the student-athlete’s overall class schedule.
  5. Per University policy, student-athletes who have a business hold will not be permitted to register until the business hold has been taken care of with the Business Office.

Additional information regarding registration will be provided during each semester, prior to the start of the registration period.


Enrollment Adjustments

Student-athletes are required to comply with University policies and procedures regarding adjustments to their schedules (dropping, adding, and/or late drop/withdrawal from a course).  This includes obtaining the approval and/or signature of the student-athlete’s faculty advisor or Academic Advising, as appropriate. 

In addition, if a student-athlete wishes to drop, add, or late drop/withdraw from a course, the general procedure is that the student-athlete must complete a drop/add form and obtain approval from their faculty advisor.

In addition, student-athletes must obtain approval from the Associate Director of Athletics for Academic Welfare (or designee).  Prior to this, the student-athlete should make every effort to discuss with the Associate Director the reason(s) that they would like to make the specified changes to their schedule

Once the student-athlete obtains the required approval as described above, the student-athlete will need to submit the drop/add form or late withdrawal form to the Registrar’s office by the designated deadlines for processing. 

Student-athletes should not make any adjustments to their schedules without obtaining prior approval from the Associate Director for Academic Welfare (or designee).


Please note:  Student-athletes are required to be full-time (maintain a minimum of 12 credits per semester).  This is required in order to maintain NCAA athletics eligibility and financial aid (including athletics aid).  A student-athlete will NOT be permitted to drop below full-time status (12 credits) UNLESS there are extreme or extenuating circumstances.  On the rare occasion that a student-athlete becomes part-time, the student-athlete will immediately become ineligible athletically, and may incur a reduction in their athletic and other financial aid. 


EXCEPTION: Student-athletes who are seniors and who are in their final semester are permitted, under NCAA rules, to be part-time.  However, per University rules student-athletes must be full-time in order to be eligible generally for financial (include athletics) aid.