Social Media Policy and Guidelines

Policy Name: Department of Athletics Social Media Policy and Guidelines

Policy Number: STU-7037

Effective:  Legacy                                                                                                                          

Revised:  2019/09 

Policy Statement

Playing and competing for Holy Family University is a privilege, and as a student-athlete you are held in the highest regard and seen as role models in the community. As leaders of the campus community, you have a responsibility to portray yourself, your team, and your University in a positive manner at all times. Sometimes this means doing things that are an inconvenience to you, but benefit the whole team.

Social media sites continue to evolve and have increased in popularity globally, and as such are used by the majority of student-athletes here at Holy Family University in one form or another.

Student-athletes should be aware that third parties – including NCAA officials, Holy Family faculty, the office of student affairs, the athletic administration, the media, and future employers – are able to easily access profiles and view all personal information. Consequently, inappropriate pictures, videos, negative comments, and posters will be viewed as a direct reflection of you as an individual first, and second as a representative of your team.

Below are examples of participation in online communities that are deemed inappropriate. Depending on the severity of the offense as a student-athlete at Holy Family University, you will be subject to team sanctions that may result in dismissal from your team.


Photos, video, comments, or posters that:

  • Show the personal use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco e.g., no holding cups, cans, shot glasses, etc.
  • Are sexual in nature. This includes links to websites of a pornographic nature and other inappropriate material
  • Condone drug-related activity (included by not limited to images that portray the personal use of marijuana and drug paraphernalia
  • Show content that is unsportsmanlike, derogatory, demeaning or threatening toward any other individual or opponent, an opposing team, coach or institution including Holy Family teams and members of the coaching staff
  • Target an individual’s race, gender, lifestyle, or religion
  • Encourages violence, hazing, sexual harassment/assault, gambling, vandalism, underage drinking, bullying and use of drugs
  • In any way promotes academic dishonesty
  • Violates Holy Family University student policy, the student-athlete code of conduct, or NCAA and CACC student-athlete policies
  • Divulges information that is personal and sensitive in nature or is proprietary to the Holy Family Athletic Department or university which is no public information (examples: tentative or future team schedules, student-athlete injuries and eligibility status, travel plans/itineraries or information.)

If a student-athlete’s profile and its contents are found to be inappropriate in accordance with the above behaviors, he/she will be subject to the following penalties:

  1. Written warning
  2. A meeting with the Director of Athletics and Head Coach
  3. Penalties as determined by the athletic department, including but not limited to, possible suspension from their athletic team.

For your own safety, please keep the following recommendations in mind as you participate in social media websites:

  • Set your security settings so that only your friends can view your profile.
  • You should not post your email, home address, local address, telephone number(s) or other personal information as it could lead to unwanted attention, stalking, identity theft, etc.

If you are ever in doubt of the appropriateness or your online public material, consider whether it upholds and positively reflects your own values and ethics as well as the HFU Athletic Department’s and the University’s. Remember, always present yourself in a positive image and don’t do anything to embarrass yourself, the team, your family, or the University.