Travel Policies, Procedures, and Expectations

Policy Name: Department of Athletics Travel Policies, Procedures, and Expectations

Policy Number: STU-7038

Effective:  Legacy                                                                                                                          

Revised:  2019/09

Policy Statement

Student-athletes are expected to travel to and from athletic-related events (athletic contests, practices, or athletic department-sponsored events) in transportation provided by the University.  This policy is mandated in part because it is in the best interest of student-athletes to ensure their safety and well-being.  In addition, when student-athletes travel with their teams, this serves to maintain and/or enhance team cohesiveness and camaraderie. 

The athletics department recognizes that there are certain occasions when a student-athlete will be unable to travel with the team in University-provided transportation.  If a student-athlete wishes to request special permission to travel to/from an athletic event on their own (which in most cases means traveling to/from the site of an athletic contest in transportation provided by a parent or guardian), the student-athlete is required to do the following:

  1. Within a minimum of 3 business days in advance (except in emergency cases), notify their coach and the Associate Athletic Director (or designee) of the need.
  2. Obtain and complete an athletic department independent travel form. Have the form signed by their coach and by the Associate Athletic Director (or designee).
  3. Present the independent travel from to the Director of Athletics for approval.

Examples of those infrequent occasions when an independent travel from request MAY be approved include the following: 

  1. When an exam (where there has been no approval for a makeup exam), nursing clinical or other academic priority will conflict with the team’s departure and/or return times.
  2. When the student is or will be at a departure site or return location much closer to the away contest site than to the University (for example, the student is in clinical at a hospital that is close to the site of the athletic contest), and traveling back to the University would create an undue hardship.
  3. An emergency situation arises which was unforeseen or outside of the control of the student.

Examples of situations where it is NOT likely that a request to use independent transportation will be approved include:

  1. Last minute, non-emergency requests, such as on the day of the event (no advance notification), and/or no legitimate rationale for the request.
  2. Failure to complete the required documentation, including obtaining required signatures (unless this was due to circumstances outside the student’s control—simply waiting to the last minute does NOT qualify)
  3. The location of the athletic contest is significantly far, and/or the weather conditions are hazardous.
  4. Wanting to travel by private vehicle due generally to being behind in homework, assignments, etc.
  5. Wanting to attend a social or other event with friends.

Students who have been granted approval to travel and/or leave on their own from an athletic event are only permitted to have a parent or guardian drive them to/from the athletic event.  No one other than a parent/guardian is permitted to drive a student from an athletic event.  

Student-athletes must obtain approval from the Director of Athletics (or designee) if he/she requests to drive their own vehicle to/from an athletic event.  Such a request will only be considered on a case-by-case basis, and will be approved only if the event site is reasonably close and if there are other special circumstances that justify the request.

No student who is granted permission to travel to/from an athletics event in their own vehicle is permitted to drive a second student, teammate, or friend—in other words, they must drive themselves only.