Guest and Visitor Policy

Policy Name:  Guest and Visitor Policy

Policy Number: STU-7011

Effective:  Legacy

Revised: Not applicable

Policy Statement

Guest and Visitor Policy

It is the responsibility of the campus community to ensure that the work of the university is accomplished in an environment that promotes health and safety and minimizes work-related disruptions. Throughout this policy, dependents, children and pets will be referred to collectively as “guests.”

In consideration of safety, confidentiality, disruption of operations, disruption of services, disruption to others, appropriateness, and legal liability posed by the presence of unaccompanied guests on the various campuses, the university limits the presence of unaccompanied guests on campus to official university activities in which they are invited or to visiting the Library and Learning Resource Center. 

Supervisors and faculty may grant an exception for a temporary, unforeseen emergency, but no student may have a guest on campus without the supervisor’s permission or use any campus as an alternative to dependent care. When authorized, the accompanying student must directly supervise the guest at all times and must understand that they are responsible for their guest’s proper care while on campus.

Students are responsible for ensuring that guests behave appropriately when in a classroom, attending a performing arts event, athletic event, open house, or university-sanctioned activity such as a picnic or “Take Your Children to Work Day,” or as part of a summer camp or planned campus visit. If, in the view of the faculty member responsible for a class - or the supervisor responsible for a department - a guest is disruptive, the student must remove the guest from the situation.

For safety and security reasons, it is required that all students register their guests with our Public Safety Department at the main campus or Newtown sites. In some instances, it may be appropriate for guests to be granted a visitor badge by Public Safety while on university property. University identification cards are property of the university.

Refer to the Minors on Campus and in Programs section of this Handbook for additional requirements related to the presence of Minors on campus.