Policy Name:  Help Seeker Policy

Policy Number: STU-7015

Effective:  Legacy

Revised: Not applicable

Policy Statement

Help Seeker Policy

The welfare of each person in the Holy Family University community is paramount, and Holy Family encourages students to offer help and assistance to others in need. In an effort to alleviate concerns of disciplinary action for those who seek help for others, the University has enacted a help seeker policy.

Students are expected to immediately report conduct or activity which poses a danger to the community or its members. For example, all students are expected to seek appropriate assistance for themselves or others in situations where help is needed to ensure proper care of a person who is significantly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Students should not hesitate to seek help because of fear of disciplinary action.

In most circumstances, the help seeker will not be charged with a policy violation under the University Code of Conduct. However, help seekers may still be required to meet with a University hearing officer regarding the incident for administrative follow up. In rare circumstances, such as cases of repeated, flagrant, or serious violations of the University Code of Conduct (e.g., bodily harm, sexual misconduct, physical or verbal abuse or harassment, distribution of drugs, hazing, theft) or violations that caused the harm to another person requiring emergency response, a student’s behavior may warrant going through the judicial process.