Photography/Videography: Privacy Policy and Releases

Policy Name:  Photography/Videography: Privacy Policy and Releases

Policy Number: STU-7022                                                                                                          

Effective:  Legacy

Revised: Not applicable

Policy Statement

Photography and Videography: Privacy Policy and Releases

Photographs and videos are taken at a wide variety of events in order to communicate our image and activities to the outside world. These photos and videos are used for educational, news, publicity, and promotional purposes.  

In regards to the University’s taking of photographs or videos and their subsequent use for publicity or other purposes, each student is bound by the following releases: 

  • I hereby authorize Holy Family, its officers, employees, trustee members, agents, and/or assignees to photograph, audio record, video record, obtain, reproduce, and/or use my likeness for marketing, educational, or other such reasonable use.
  • I hereby acknowledge that my photograph, recording or video recording is being or will be taken, and I authorize such photography, audio recording, and/or video recording.
  • I hereby release Holy Family University, its officers, employees, trustees, agents, and/or assignees from any and all potential or actual claims, legal liabilities, lawsuits, costs, or damages associated with or arising from the photographing, recording, use, and/or reproduction of my likeness in the form of photographs, audio recordings, and/or video recordings.


The University has an opt-out election if a student prefers not to have his or her photograph or image published in University materials, and in such cases the University will make a good faith effort to exclude the student’s photograph or video from publication.