Room Access/Search Policy

Policy Name:  Room Access/Search Policy

Policy Number: STU-7025

Effective:  Legacy

Revised: Not applicable

Policy Statement

Room Access/Search Policy

To assure individuals of reasonable privacy and to protect the well-being of the community, Residence Life has adopted the following procedures regarding access/search of University rooms occupied by students. In an attempt to ensure safety, health and welfare for all persons and property, authorized University personnel may enter a student’s room. In a situation where there is reasonable suspicion of an illegal act, rooms may be entered by Public Safety and/or Residence Life staff. Rooms may also be entered for maintenance, repairs, or safety inspections. Personnel will announce themselves prior to entering a room. If any contraband or items of suspicious nature are discovered by University personnel while conducting a maintenance or safety inspection, judicial follow up will occur with the student(s) in whose room it was found. Any illegal substance or material will be turned over to the police.