Policy Name:  Smoking

Policy Number: STU-7027

Effective:  Legacy

Revised: Not applicable

Policy Statement


This policy assists the university in becoming a healthier and safer environment. Administrators, faculty, staff, students, visitors and guests share the responsibility of adhering to and enforcing this policy.  Recognizing health hazards posed by smoking and second-hand smoke, smoking and the use of tobacco products (in any form) are prohibited in any university-owned facilities and vehicles.  Smoking is also prohibited within 25 feet from any campus building doors, operable windows, and ventilating systems. Littering the campus with remains of smoking products is prohibited.  All smoking materials must be disposed of in appropriate receptacles.  This policy’s success relies on the consideration of smokers and non-smokers alike.

Smoking refers to inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted or heated product intended for inhalation in any manner or in any form. 

Tobacco use refers to the use of nicotine, tobacco-derived or containing products, and plant-based products including products intended to mimic tobacco products, oral tobacco or other similar products.