Faculty/Staff Application - Faithful Listening Faithful Learning Scholars Program

For questions, please email Sister Rita Fanning, CSFN, Vice President for Mission and Belonging at rfanning@holyfamily.edu.

Please complete and submit the application below.

Faculty/Staff Member Information:


Application Questions


Answer the questions in one word, one sentence, one paragraph, one sheet, whatever is appropriate. And, if you do not have an answer, or have only a partial answer, it is okay to say “My answer is a work in progress,” or “I don’t have a clue,” or “I wish I knew,” or “this is what I think now, but I may change my mind,” or whatever is truthful. Your answers can be as short or long as is appropriate.


By submitting this application I commit to reading the articles/materials chosen for reflection at the dialog dinners and I will be prepared to participate in the dialogs by encouraging students to share their personal opinions, questions, and comments, and sharing my own as well. By signing this application I also agree to share with open heart and mind for the growth of all as one learning community, a community of FAMILY.

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