Neuroscience Student Testimonials

NEURO Emily Gilmour“The second semester of my sophomore year I was a biology major, with the hope of going into the medical field. I loved science and everything my major had to offer, but I wanted to expand my knowledge further. That's when I learned about the neuroscience major Holy Family had to offer. With the career aspiration of being a Physician Assistant, I thought it was necessary to have a background in psychology. From working with health professionals, I realized it was necessary to not only have an understanding of the human body, but it was also vital to have an understanding of the human mind. Being a neuroscience major gave me this opportunity. The neuroscience major has given me the best of both worlds, allowing me explore what the biology major had to offer as well as the psychology major. This major has made me a well- rounded student, and future practitioner.” Emily Gilmour - Class of 2016

“Studying Neuroscience gave me a well rounded education. My courses were eclectic, I studied abnormal psychology and organic chemistry in the same semester. Since I developed a strong science background, I had a plethora of job offerings upon graduation. Some of the jobs that I was offered were research assistant, science and math teacher, therapeutic support staff, and pharmaceutical sales representative. My strong research skills on my resume made me a distinct job candidate. During my time at Holy Family University, I received plenty of support from my professors while I was practicing my research skills. Dr. Dasch-Yee and I worked collaboratively on a research project; Dr. MacDonald and I presented our research at the SEPCHE conference; and Dr. Meyer helped me develop strong statistical skills, which are essential especially during the research process. Neuroscience was interesting yet positively challenging. I have learned through studying Neuroscience that through persistence, dedication, and preparation positive results will occur. These traits have helped me stand out as an employee and as a graduate student. My dream is to be a practicing physician in psychiatry, and with my undergraduate education I am confident that my dream will become a reality. I am extremely thankful for the professors in the Neuroscience program they were approachable, eager to help, and believed in their students. If you want to go to class and find it stimulating and learn concepts that will put you ahead in the future, then study Neuroscience.” Molly Finnegan - Class of 2013

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