Visiting Student Application

Who is a Visiting Student?

A Visiting Student never fully matriculated and/or previously took classes at Holy Family University.

A Visiting Student can be:

  1. A high school or community college student taking classes during the semester while still in a partner high school or community college (Dual Enrollment)
  2. A high school student participating in the Diocesan Scholars Program
  3. A student enrolled full-time at another college/university and taking approved courses during Winterim or Summer Sessions 
  4. A student participating in a pathway program while in high school or a community college that does not lead to a degree at HFU
  5. A student taking classes in a non-degree capacity who does not intend on enrolling in a program at HFU
  6. A senior citizen taking a course for the purpose of life-long learning
  7. A student participating in an English as a Second Language program at HFU
  8. A student Auditor can take a course at half-cost for personal enrichment with no credits earned

Please complete and submit this form to request a seat in an upcoming HFU course.  Be advised that certain programs may require additional application materials and this form needs to be completed for each semester a student is interested in taking courses.  

All paperwork must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the term for which you are requesting to take a course.  

Requests for courses are subject to review and approval.  

Your Contact Information

Contact Information

Demographic Information

Current Academic Information

Course Information for HFU (All except Diocesan Scholars complete this section)

Diocesan Scholars Only

Acceptance & Acknowledgement

I understand that by submitting this registration form I am responsible for any fees or tuition charges that may accrue. I authorize the secondary school and/or colleges I have attended to release transcripts, test scores, recommendations, and such other information required to Holy Family University. 

Also, I authorize Holy Family University to provide the secondary school or college that I attended with information regarding my collegiate achievement if I am accepted for admission. 

I understand that all the credentials submitted in support of this application become the property of the University and are not returnable.

Questions about this process can be directed to

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