Alumni Advisory Board

The Holy Family University Alumni Association Board invites fellow alumni to join the Alumni Board. This organization orchestrates communication between the Alumni Association and the University family. The Board generally meets three times a year and also hosts the annual Awards and Reunion Dinner.  

The Alumni Association shall be governed by the Alumni Board of Advisors consisting of the elected officers (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer), and no more than 20 additional advisors.

Board of Advisors must attend all scheduled meetings and actively serve on at least one standing committee.

Board members are also expected to actively recruit new members through personal contacts including attendance at alumni events and other University functions.

Board members are expected to make a personal financial contribution each year to the University Annual Fund. The annual Alumni Association membership fee does not fulfill this obligation.

Board of Advisors Members

Alumni Board of Advisors members include:

  1. Elected Officers
  2. Board of Advisors Members-at-Large
  3. Honorary Members
  4. Director of Alumni and Parents

Honorary Members

Anyone who has been awarded an honorary degree at Commencement, all members of the Board of Trustees, current and former faculty and staff of Holy Family University, the officers of the senior class, and one student officer from each undergraduate class shall be honorary members of the Alumni Association.
Honorary members shall be afforded all benefits and privileges of Active Alumni membership except to vote or to hold office in the Alumni Association.