Alumni Reunion 2020 & 2021 Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

Click below to view and/or download your favorite background for Reunion 2020 & 2021!

7859 Reunion Virtual Backgrounds

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7859 Reunion Virtual Backgrounds2

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7859 Reunion Virtual Backgrounds3

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Setting-Up Zoom Backgrounds

To use the above Zoom backgrounds, follow the simple instructions below. For detailed instructions and a video, please see the official Virtual Background Guide and Video from Zoom.

  1. Download background photo to your computer, so you can upload to Zoom.
  2. Open Zoom Settings and Select ‘Virtual Background’ menu or in Zoom, where you would start or stop your video, click the arrow and select “Choose Virtual Background”


       3. Under “Choose Virtual Background” you can see or select uploaded virtual backgrounds.

       4. To upload the Reunion background, hit the plus button and select the downloaded Reunion background from your computer.


     5. Upload the photo and select the Reunion 2020 & 2021 background. Voila!

Note: Depending on your computer, you may need to select “I have a green screen” or “Mirror my video” at the bottom.  Click here for common other issues & fixes