Staying Connected

You’re in good company.

In attending Holy Family University, you have automatically joined a highly valuable network and as a graduate you are eligible for membership in the Alumni Association. Whether for business, friendship, bonding over our team scores or simply as a way of belonging to a bigger family, we encourage your active participation. Start by visiting our Facebook page–but don’t stop at reading and looking at photos. You’re now part of a dynamic, intellectual, educated community. By all means, link up and experience the warmth.

Join the Alumni Association.

Joining the Alumni Association has its material advantages, too. You’ll receive a membership ID card that enables you to check books from the Holy Family University Library, rental discounts of Campus Center facilities for personal use, a discounted rate at the University Fitness Center, and invitations to exclusive events.

Don’t miss out on memories, or your future contacts! The easy way to get connected, and to access your benefits, is to get connected.