Be a nurse leader.

10 courses to an MSN for experienced nurses.

Our program is designed for both graduates of accredited BSN programs, as well as experienced RNs with the necessary prerequisites. You may be able to earn your Master's of Nursing degree after 10 courses, all with Holy Family University—an institution that is unparalleled among nursing schools in the Philadelphia region.

There's currently increased demand for nurses with advanced education due to changes in the healthcare delivery arena. And while you can enjoy a wonderful nursing career with your RN or BSN degree, getting your MSN prepares you for additional opportunities and earning power. In addition, earning your MSN provides you with the next step toward pursuing your nursing doctorate.

So why wait to get started? The next session begins on January 9, 2017. To get started, fill out the information below to schedule an appointment with one of our academic advisors. We're here to answer questions, streamline the process, and guide you on the road to success.