Co-ops and Internships

Welcome to Office of Cooperative Education

As part of our results-oriented outlook on education, Holy Family University puts great stock in the value of Cooperative Education and Internship Opportunities. Apart from the head start that these programs can give you in entering the workforce (or in jumping up the ladder), they are designed to provide you with structured and supervised learning experiences that also qualify for college credits. Positions include international sites, countrywide locations, and local organizations.

The Holy Family University Cooperative Education Department provides students with practical training and experience in a variety of real life work settings through cooperatively arranged, paid (co-op) or unpaid (internships), study-related programs. Moreover, the opportunities are guided and supervised by participating employers, faculty members, and the director and staff members of the Co-op Department.

Arranging for co-ops and internships that have true career value for the student can take time. We recommend that you apply as early as possible, preferably in or before your sophomore year. Students must have junior or senior status at Holy Family University to be placed in a co-op or internship position related to his/her academic major.

Three programs are available for F/T & P/T Juniors and Seniors:

  • Alternating: The student alternates full-time work periods with periods of full-time study
  • Parallel: The student attends classes full- or part-time while working part-time
  • Job Enrichment: This option is for the student who is already working for an employer willing to assign him or her temporarily to a new department or to a special project