Honors Program: Coursework

Holy Family University's Honors courses span a range of subjects. Each of them fulfills a General Education requirement for our Honors students. Because these students often take multiple Honors courses together in their first years, they quickly become a tight-knit group. In general, Honors courses are designed to:

  • emphasize discussion and other interactive teaching/learning techniques that are consistent with a seminar format;
  • promote independent thinking by making students accountable for important aspects of their learning;
  • emphasize written and oral communication skills;
  • promote learning outside the formal classroom setting (e.g., service projects);
  • encourage creative expression and achievement;
  • apply theories and principles learned in class to "real-life" problems and situations;
  • explore connections among various fields of study;
  • provide opportunities for independent research;
  • provide opportunities for publication or public presentation of work;
  • develop assignments and exercises that require students to reconcile conflicting findings or to synthesize different points of view;
  • emphasize the use of original or primary sources, as opposed to traditional textbooks and secondary readings.

The following Honors courses are typically offered during fall semesters (subject to change):

BIOL 120-HNRA (Honors Biological Principles I)
Dr. Christopher Carbone

ENGL 103-HNRA (Honors Writing I)
Dr. Keith Kopka

HIST 204-HNRA (Honors American History, 1820-1920)
Dr. Mary Carroll Johansen

PHIL 103-HNRA (Honors Introduction to Philosophy)
Dr. Daniel Bramer

PSYC 110-HNRA (Honors Introduction to Psychology)
Dr. Stacy McDonald

RELS 210-HNRA (Honors Jesus the Christ)
Father Mark Hunt

The following Honors courses are typically offered during spring semesters (subject to change):

BIOL 121-HNRA (Honors Biological Principles II)
Dr. Elizabeth Rielly

ENGL 104-HNRA (Honors Writing II)
Dr. Keith Kopka

ENGL 115-HNRA (Honors Public Speaking)
To be announced

GNED 400-HNRA (Honors Interdisciplinary Core Seminar)
Dr. Gina MacKenzie

HIST 108-HNRA (Honors Global History to 500 C.E.)
Dr. Madigan Fichter

RELS 104-HNRA (Honors World Religions)
Dr. Joseph Stoutzenberger