Honors Program: Meet Our Students

Honors Program students were asked to respond to the following questions:

  1. What are you involved in outside the Honors Program (sports, clubs, volunteer work, etc.)
  2. What are your career goals?
  3. What is your favorite part of the Honors Program?

A few of their responses are below.

Anjelai Hayes
Major: Math - Secondary Education

Anjelai Hayes - HFU Honors Student

1. I am a member of women’s cross country, women’s basketball and women’s outdoor track and field. I am also a member of the Student Government Association and a future teachers organization on campus.

2. I would like to be a math professor.

3. My favorite part of the Honors Program is the yearly cultural outings in which I get to connect with my peers and learn new things.

Sarah Montgomery
Major: Neuroscience

Sarah Montgomery - HFU Honors Student

1. Student Government Association - Student Body President, Resident Advisor, Habitat for Humanity, Student Ambassador, CAE Peer Tutor

2. After graduation, I plan to work in a lab to gain marketable skills. Eventually, I want to obtain a PhD and teach at a university level!

3. My favorite part of the Honors Program is the network of students and professionals that helped me to thrive as a student! I was able to make connections and friendships with my peers that have lasted me through my entire college career, and I was able to maintain relationships with my professors that helped me to challenge myself academically as well as gain bold resume builders!

Jess Baranoski
Major: Biology - Secondary Education

Jess Baranoski - HFU Honors Student

1. I am involved in Aspiring Teachers, a newly formed HFU teaching club by Dr. Doria that is going to take Ed Connections place. I am one of the presidents! Other than that, I am a front end manager at Acme.

2. My career goals are primarily teaching. I want to be a biology teacher in a high school somewhere in Bucks County, Central Bucks School District, specifically. Changing students' minds about biology is what I really want to do!! I also want to get my master's in Education.

3. My favorite part of the Honors Program is how close we are - like a hardworking family. I love how even though we are all busy with our individual classes, we still can catch up whenever we see each other on campus or during an event.

Shannon McCombs
Major: Neuroscience

Shannon McCombs - HFU Honors Student

1. On campus, I am involved in Social Behavioral Sciences (SBS) Club, Honors Student Council, and Albertans Club.

2. For my career, I have aspirations to become a biomedical researcher. I hope to go to graduate school to pursue my doctorate and want to research various topics relating to Neuroscience.

3. My favorite part of the Honors Program is the small class sizes and the bonding time with the other students. I really love how we are a close-knit group that challenges each other to do their best.

Maria Diaz
Major: Psychology
Minors: Mental Health Services and Childhood Studies

Maria Diaz - HFU Honors Student

1. On campus, I am involved in the Honors Student Council, Holy Family Cheerleading team, peer tutor in the Center for Academic Enhancement (CAE), and a member of Psi Chi, the International Psychology Honors Society.

2. For my career goal, I definitely want to become a therapist and maybe a part time professor.

3. My favorite part of the Honors Program is definitely the social events such as trivia night, decorating pumpkins, and the cultural events!

Meghan Moyer
Major: Nursing

Meghan Moyer - HFU Honors Student

1. I am a member of the Holy Family tennis team. I’m also a part of SNAHF, the student nurse organization. I’m also a part of the Faithful Listening, Faithful Learning Scholars Program.

2. I’m not exactly sure what avenue in nursing I’d like to take after graduation. I’m especially interested in the geriatric population and also enjoy psych, so I would love to get a job that combines both of those areas as a geriatric psych nurse. I eventually want to go on and get my masters in nursing.

3. My favorite part of the Honors program is the sense of closeness it brings. Being able to bond with a smaller group of individuals with the same goals and interests as myself really helped me adjust to college freshman year. I also have gained some lifelong friends in the process that I probably wouldn’t have met if it had not been for the Honors Program. I also enjoy the aspect of being able to have fun going on cultural outings and serving the community with our community service project to make it a more holistic experience.

Hemani Patel
Major: Biology/Pre-medicine

Hemani Patel - HFU Honors Student

1. I am involved in the Prehealth Club, Albertans Club, HFU Trilite, Honors Program Student Council, and IDEA Club.

2. I aspire to be a neurologist in the future.

3. My favorite thing about the Honors program would be building friendships with classmates who are also in the Honors Program.

Jacob Gutman
Major: Biology
Minors: Chemistry, Mental Health Services, and Forensic Sciences

Jacob Gutman - HFU Honors Student

1. Treasurer of Pre-Med Program, CAE Tutor for Physics and Organic Chemistry, Scholars Program, Honors Program, Judo

2. My goal is to become a physician in the upcoming millennia

3. The Honors program has a great staff of students and a curriculum that opens students up to have more engaged discussions with their professors, with the final goal being a mentor-directed project. I know I didn't name a specific thing but the big picture aim of the Honors Program is the most interesting aspect to me.

Alexis Bizupic
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Mental Health Services

Alexis Bizupic - HFU Honors Student

1. I've been involved in Folio and used to volunteer at the Insectarium. I have conducted research and presented at the Association for Psychological Science (APS) Convention in Washington, DC. I spend most of my time working at an eyeglass place!

2. After I graduate I plan to work part-time as a TSS or behavior tech. I would like to get my masters in ABA and move up in the field.

3. My favorite parts of the Honors Program are the cultural outings we go on, the opportunities it has given me and my best friends that I wouldn’t have met without the program.

Nina Danko
Major: Biology/Pre-medicine
Minor: Chemistry

Nina Danko - HFU Honors Student

1. Here at Holy Family University I am involved in many clubs/organizations such as: the event coordinator of the Honors Program Student Council, a member of Habitat for Humanity, Pre-health Organization, Albertans Science Club, SBS (Social Behavioral Sciences) Club, student mentor for the Honors FEXP course, and the treasurer of the Paintball Club.

2. My career goals are to be accepted to medical school so I can one day become an anesthesiologist.

3. My favorite parts of the Honors Program are the classes that we are required to take because those classes are typically smaller than the regular classes which allow better bonding with the other students and a more efficient interaction with the professors. The Honors Program trip is another aspect that is always something to look forward to because it allows the students to become enriched in different cultures while educating them but also having fun like the other events that take part in the Honors Program.