Honors Program: Special Events & Programming

One of the missions of the Honors Program is to expose its students to the many benefits of attending a university located in the city of Philadelphia. To that end, all Honors students participate in a cultural outing in the fall. These outings might include a trip to see the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, the Pennsylvania Ballet, or the Curtis Opera Theatre; a visit to a museum; an evening at a reading or spoken-word performance; or a stroll through a First Friday event to stop into Old City's many contemporary art galleries.

Similarly, the Honors Program wishes to foster leadership and volunteerism in its students and to align itself fully with Holy Family's Mission and Core Values. Therefore, in the spring, all students will be asked to participate in a day of service, during which they might clean a local park, volunteer at a food-distribution facility, or dedicate their time to an underserved school or community group.

The Honors Symposium is designed to be a venue for our Honors Students to present, in the spring of their junior year, independent research projects that typically grow out of upper-level coursework. Working with a faculty mentor, all Honors students will prepare a brief presentation of their work to share with one another and the rest of the Holy Family community during a designated period. A reception will follow.