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Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Wellness

The Health Promotion and Wellness (HPWE) program prepares students to assume roles as wellness and health promotion professionals in private business, community organizations, and healthcare agencies.

The innovative curriculum stresses key health concerns identified by Healthy People 2020 focuses on strategies to promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles with an emphasis on living well. Foundation courses such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and human development serve as building blocks for courses in the major where students plan, implement, and evaluate programs to promote healthy behaviors and wellness.

This program includes a two-semester internship coordinated by our Experiential Learning program with an off-campus industry leader in promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness.

The momentum to promote wellness over the traditional disease model of care is growing at a rapid rate. The US Department of Labor Statistics projects job growth of around 16 percent from 2016 to 2026 for positions focusing on promoting health and wellness for individuals and communities. Organizations recognize that there is a tremendous return on investment when their employee or members get healthy and stay healthy. Small changes in lifestyle can create big changes in health. The ability to diminish the negative consequences on health with chronic conditions is an area of great interest. A BS degree in Health Promotion and Wellness from Holy Family University places graduates at the forefront of this national trend toward living a healthier, more rewarding life.

Program Goals

  • Understand core concepts related to health promotion and wellness across the lifespan.
  • Identify factors that foster a healthy lifestyle and those associated with health risk and disease.
  • Assess needs and challenges related to building healthy behaviors across diverse populations.
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate programs to promote healthy behaviors and wellness.
  • Exhibit professional and academic skills needed for graduate study or entry-level positions in the field.

Program Features

  • Full or part-time study available leading to a 123-credit hour Bachelor of Science degree; 66 credits minimum in the major
  • Integration of guided electives provides for flexibility and individualization of schedule
  • Internship offers real work experience to support building of resume and networking
  • Small class size allow students to work closely with faculty in understanding content
  • Holistic curriculum reflects state-of- the-art thinking in this new and evolving healthcare focus

Major Coursework

  • Introduction to Health Promotion and Wellness
  • Health Promotion Through the Lifespan
  • Strategies of Stress Management and Wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Teaching Strategies for Health Promotion and Wellness
  • Coaching Principles for Health Promotion and Wellness
  • Research for Evidenced Based Practice
  • Health Policy: Global and National Perspectives
  • Health Promotion and Wellness Program Planning
  • Internship I & II
  • Seminar: Contemporary Issues

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion and Wellness from Holy Family University opens up job opportunities such as:

  • Corporate Wellness Administrator
  • Director of Fitness/Wellness
  • Wellness Program Manager
  • Health Educator
  • Community Health and Wellness Director