Social and Emerging Media

Rapid Degree Track

The Social and Emerging Media area of study prepares the Communications student to expertly use social media, critically understand the media world, and create targeted media messages. The Social and Emerging Media track integrates writing, production, and digital skills with a strong liberal arts education. Students learn how to connect with others via different platforms and amplify online presence through writing, video, and more.

In our social and emerging media courses, students acquire knowledge of digital innovations, and become competent and trustworthy media professionals. They craft creative content and impactful messaging, developing expertise in media disciplines. They study viral phenomena, big data, Google analytics, leadership and management of social media, and online communities visible on YouTube, Facebook, and more.

In our courses, students learn best practices in social media strategy in the hands-on creation of their own social media brand. Via analytical tools and metrics, they evaluate brand performance, branding consistency, and mission adherence. They also develop and refine creative messaging skills. Students master the use of numerous forms of social media, including blogs, microblogs, social networking sites, photo and video sharing, and geolocation tools.

Students learn the fundamentals of audio and video production for the purposes of creating social media, radio podcasts, and video broadcasts. This entails: planning and production of content; developing competency in the proper use of a range of equipment and software; working as part of a production team; becoming comfortable troubleshooting; and completing several multimedia projects from the preproduction planning stage, through production, post-production, and online distribution.

As technology and media change, the jobs out there for graduates have changed, too.

Social and Emerging Media Graduates in the Industry

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