HFU Distinguished Writers Series

Upcoming Event: An Evening with R.O. Kwon

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Wednesday, September 16th, 2020
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Education and Technology Center (ETC) Auditorium


Mission Statement

The Holy Family University Distinguished Writers Series is committed to bringing visiting authors and scholars to the campus of Holy Family University each academic year for free, public readings, as well as student-specific events. The Holy Family University Distinguished Writers Series is dedicated to promoting diversity, social awareness, critical thinking, as well as furthering Holy Family University’s mission and core values of community, respect, integrity, experiential learning, vision, and service. Through its dedication to the university mission, The Holy Family University Distinguished Writers Series offers an intellectual environment that fosters the free exchange of ideas, as well as the opportunity for participants to challenge and expand their perspectives by engaging with writers, scholars, and thinkers of different backgrounds, ethnicities, viewpoints, and writing styles.

Goals and Objectives

The Holy Family University Distinguished Writers Series will provide HFU with an excellent opportunity to strengthen local, statewide, and national visibility by providing a forum for current students, community members, donors, potential students, and media to engage with nationally recognized and critically acclaimed authors and scholars.

The Holy Family University Distinguished Writers Series will not only provide participants the opportunity to engage with a diverse number of important voices and topics while fostering critical thinking, but it will also introduce them to the HFU campus, its resources, its mission, and its faculty. Speakers who are invited to campus will, in some way, either through their work or life, be able to demonstrate a commitment to our mission or to our university-wide service goals. Current students will also benefit from these visiting writers and scholars by being able to have first-hand experiences with working professionals who are connected to curriculum in their course of study.

The goal of The Holy Family University Distinguished Writers Series is to foster larger community interest in HFU, its School of Arts and Sciences, and its mission of service, responsibility, and learning in order to help strengthen the tradition of experiential learning at Holy Family University. Building this reputation will help to market the university, improve recruitment, and provide development opportunities across the university.

Event Location, Logistics, and Dates

  • The Holy Family University Distinguished Writers Series will host two writers/ scholars over the course of the academic year.
  • One guest writer/ scholar will be hosted in the fall semester, and one guest writer/scholar will be hosted in the spring semester.
  • The main speaking events, which are open to the general public, will take place in the evening (at 6:30 pm) in the ETC Auditorium.
    • These events are also an opportunity for HFU to sell refreshments during the event.
    • Books from the visiting speaker will be on sale through the HFU bookstore, and participants will have the opportunity to purchase books and have them signed by the visiting speaker.
  • Any other curriculum-based events will be coordinated at the discretion of the visiting writer/scholar and the SAS faculty member in charge of the event.