Comm Culture

The Holy Family University Communication major is a thriving community. Out students genuinely enjoy spending time with each other, inside and outside of the classroom. Many students choose to participate in one or more of our extracurricular groups. These groups and activities permit students to stretch their imaginations, embrace their media production creativity, meet new friends, develop leadership skills, learn about interesting careers, and create tangible products. Getting out of the classroom with your peers can surprisingly prove to be a great academic endeavor!

Student News & Programs

Student Organizations

The purpose of Tiger Vision, a TV and Video club, is to further an interest in video and TV production, stimulate creativity, and assist the campus community with the promotion of upcoming events and programs on campus. Students plan, shoot, and edit all kinds of videos. Membership is open to all students.

PRSSA: The Public Relations Student Society of America
PRSSA is the foremost organization for students interested in public relations and communications. It seeks to advance the public relations profession by nurturing generations of future professionals. HFU's PRSSA chapter provides students opportunities to attend events, conferences, and webinars, and exclusive access to job boards and networking meetings with PR professionals.

The Communication Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta
Eligible students can join, usually in their junior year. Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) is the honor society of the National Communication Association for four-year institutions of higher education. Lambda Pi Eta represents the first letters of what Aristotle described in The Rhetoric as the three modes of persuasion: Logos, Pathos and Ethos. The official colors of Lambda Pi Eta are crimson to represent the communication discipline and silver in recognition of speech and oratory skills. The purpose of the honor society is to promote outstanding academic achievement in the communication discipline. LPH has its own student executive board and holds various events.

Field Trips
Throughout the year, students have opportunities to go on group field trips. Previous outings have been to Communications major night at the Phillies, a tour of the Eagles' Lincoln Financial Field (including the press box), and the Philadelphia Auto Show. These opportunities afford students glimpses into the behind-the-scenes workings of major media events.