Comm Testimonials

Current and former students agree: the Holy Family University Communications program is informative, fascinating, and fun. In our program, not only do you learn to create media, you learn how media shapes our world. How and why we consume television, movies, video games, and status updates, among other forms of media, influences our society and us. In our program, we produce scholars who critically evaluate what others take for granted. This knowledge engenders better creators of media as well. In our small classes, we learn to analyze our mediated world as well as produce video, tweets, and press releases--and we have fun doing it!

Here's what our students have to say about the Holy Family University Communication program.

Caitlin Coughlin (Class of 2018)
Caitlin Coughlin - HFU Class of 2018"The social media classes were extremely helpful in my job search. The knowledge I learned impressed the employers due to the fact that they have never heard of a class like Social Media Analytics. One particular thing that helped me land my position as Social Media/ Digital Marketing Specialist was the fact that I printed out worksheets provided for the class, such as a social media content calendar and a social media audit, and brought them to my interview to demonstrate how they could make me the best at this position. Without these classes, I would not know half of the things I do now."


Samantha Melvin (Class of 2018)
Samantha Melvin - HFU Class of 2018"I believe that the social media classes offered at Holy Family have helped land my first job in social media (Specialist in Marketing Communications) because they helped to educate me on how businesses can utilize social media to their advantage. When meeting with different employers in this specific field, they were all very pleased to hear that I have had classes in school that helped me learn these skills that I will be able to apply for the social media team. With social media being a growing area of business, I think it's important for Communications majors to have the opportunity to add this to their studies because the knowledge you gain will be able to be applied as a social media manager/specialist and will help to put you ahead of other applicants."


Alyssa Reyes (Class of 2018)
Alyssa Reyes - HFU Class of 2018"The experience I accumulated throughout my 4 years studying Communications at Holy Family University prepared me for my job search. From creating an online portfolio in Multimedia Storytelling to learning the ins and outs of the exponentially growing world of social media in Social Media Analytics, I feel that helped sharpen my skills for employers. Exercising KPI usage, writing mock strategic messaging and social media content, and practicing our social listening skills are things employers do not expect from recent college graduates. It certainly made me impressive enough to secure a position as the Digital Marketing Coordinator for The Accent Shop, Inc. in Indianapolis. One of the best parts about what I've learned in my classes is that I can apply it anywhere I may travel to, and that's a great feeling."


Ryan Keller (Class of 2017)
Ryan Keller - HFU Class of 2017"When I began at Holy Family U, I jumped through several different academic programs with no clear vision of what I wanted to do with myself. After meeting Dr. Amanda McClain, Dr. Janice Xu, their various colleagues, my peers and the entirety of the School of Arts and Sciences, I knew I found my home!

Now I work for Councilman Bobby Henon as the Outreach Coordinator. Introducing legislation to the community in itself is Public Relations. I go into each meeting with a plan of what the community needs to know, and how the legislation or an issue impacts each of them individually. Then I communicate the various solutions that our office can make to accommodate the community concerns. After all of this, I come back to City Hall and try to solve those problems, whether at the Zoning Board of Adjustments or with City Agencies. So in all honesty, my entire job is communicating, and I wouldn't have been able to do that if it was not for the awesome HFU Communications Program!"


Marius Rafaeli (Class of 2015)
Marius Rafaeli - Holy Family University - Comm Student"I really like the environment here, and the teachers that they have, and I feel like I can do some really good stuff here. I am part of the PRSSA club, which is the Public Relations Society of America. I'm also a part of the TV club, and we plan on doing news events, sports podcasts, and covering sports games for the Holy Family University basketball team. I like the teachers. I also like the class sizes; because this is a small school the class sizes aren't that big. For the most part, I feel like I can just walk up to a teacher and say, listen I need help with something, and they'll be more than glad to help me. I plan on doing something in the field of sports broadcasting or media journalism. I currently have an internship at 92.5 WXTU and WIRED 96.5 and I definitely want to do something in media broadcasting.

For the most part, Professor Amanda McClain's been very helpful. We've had some great classes. Digital Media is a good example. Our school let us use iPads for the semester to better help us understand social media. We've had classes such as Video I and Video II, where we actually get to learn video production, and how to use editing programs like Final Cut Pro."


Brittany Nugent (Class of 2014)
Brittany Nugent - Holy Family University - Comm Student"My choice to become a communications major at Holy Family was the best thing I could have done for my college career. I immediately felt like I was apart of a little family. The professors and students made sure we succeeded as a whole, which made me feel incredibly supported.

The communications department works hard to make sure the students are educated on the ever changing working world we live in. I am forever grateful for the love and support I was given from the Holy Family Communications department to blossom into a graduate ready to enter into a career."


Sara Szymendera (Class of 2013)
Sara Szymendera - Holy Family University - Comm Student"I began at Holy Family as an Education Major my freshman year. On my first day of classes there, I switched my major to Communications. I have always been a creative person, so I just felt like Communications was right for me. People say 'If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.' The Communications program at Holy Family has helped me tremendously. The faculty within the Communications program helped prepare me for the 'real world.' I learned everything from public relations plans to shooting a video, and design work to creating a marketing plan and presenting it to owners of a company.

Furthermore, in my senior year, they began teaching classes on social media. Even in the earliest stages, the social media classes helped shape what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. My junior year, I interned with the Marketing and Communications Department at Holy Family. There, I helped run their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as starting their Pinterest site. Upon graduation, I began working for Barnes & Noble College, where I ran the Facebook and Instagram account for the Holy Family Bookstore. Social Media has always been 'my thing' and I was glad Holy Family helped me develop that for a professional environment. Overall, the Communications department at Holy Family is where I truly began to shape my career and met some of my best friends, whom I can lean on for advice both personally and professionally."


Christina Mastroeni (Class of 2013)
Christina Mastroeni - Holy Family University - Comm Student"Through Holy Family's Communication program, I developed the skills needed to be successful in the beginning of my career. Not only are these skills used in my line of work, but I transformed during my college years in this program.

I am now someone who successfully communicates through various avenues: marketing, organizing events, coaching, tutoring, teaching, and developing relationships with others. I constantly find myself relating my work days to something I learned in college classes such as Desktop Publishing, Digital Media, Communications and Culture and many others. I am very grateful for my experience. "


Porsha Haynes (Class of 2013)
Porsha Haynes - Holy Family University - Comm Student"When I entered Holy Family in 2009, my communication classes intrigued me right away. I knew within my first semester that I had made the right choice in terms of my major. I remember by favorite classes being Public Relations, Law and Media Ethics, and Writing.

After graduating in 2013, I decided that I wasn't done learning so I headed back to the classroom in January 2014 to obtain my Masters in Communication. I didn't realize how much I had actually learned in undergrad until I entered my first graduate class and I was the only person who knew who Marshall McLuhan was and I already knew how to compose a crisis communication plan. At that moment, I truly appreciated my four years at Holy Family!"