Digital Forensics

The field of Digital Forensics is important, both regionally and nationally, because of the ever increasing threats to information systems. It is no longer adequate to provide a defense against these attacks; the sources of cyber-attacks must be identified and eliminated. Digital Forensics plays a major role in this activity.

Students completing the Digital Forensics Program will be prepared to enter the field of Digital Forensics in a public or private environment as:

  • Computer crime investigators
  • Computer crime analysts
  • Digital Forensics investigators
  • Digital Forensics analysts
  • Internet security technicians
  • Internet security analysts
  • Database security investigators

Individuals currently working in this or a related field will also be able to substantially enhance their knowledge and skills. The students are exposed to coursework in three key areas – Criminal Justice, Business, and Computers. The background develops professionals versed in these areas who are able to understand the interplay of these disciplines and their impact on computer crime detection and computer security.